Last week, I spoke LIVE in the Deliciously Raw Kitchen Hangout about some of the myths that exist about raw desserts, revealing some insider secrets that every budding raw desserts chef needs to know. If you didn’t get to catch it live, you can see the recording here in the Deliciously Raw Kitchen Hangout. If you’re not a member yet, request to join and I will give you access.

In summary, the five myths I explained in the video are

1) Raw desserts are boring
2) Raw desserts take too long to make
3) Raw desserts are full of nuts
4) Raw desserts are expensive
5) Raw desserts are too challenging to make

Take a look at the video in the kitchen hangout group as there are a lot of useful tips in it. However, if you haven’t got the time or inclination to watch it, I’ll summarise some of the key points here.


Most people think that raw sweet treats are simply bliss balls and cheesecakes. There’s nothing wrong with bliss balls and cheesecakes. They can be delicious if they are done well. I make a fair few myself.  But the truth is that raw food can be way more exciting than that and so much more exciting than any cooked dessert.

Like this chocolate hazelnut tart

Or this crème patisserie fruit tart

Or this sous vide spiced pear with coconut milk whipped chocolate mousse, pear sorbet and dense hazelnut cake with vanilla gelato.

With raw desserts you can achieve all the delicious textures and flavours with raw food that you can with cooked food. Whipped dairy like consistencies, deep treacly tones and chocolate crunch can all be achieved with raw plant-based food.

Here’s a few of the desserts we make in the Sweet Online programme.

You can go even further than that too. Here’s few that we make on the professional pastry chef training Entice.

Ginger snap cannoli with orange blossom cream, lime kombucha ice cream and macerated apricots.

Chocolate and olive tart with fennel ice cream, orange marmalade and mandarin gel with whipped coconut Chantilly and cacao brittle

Raw desserts can be quick and the results can be stunning. Whilst there are many long processes such as soaking, dehydrating and freezing, the actual contact time that you spend with the food is actually quite short. Blending just takes a few moments, but setting time takes up to 2 hours – but that’s OK because it leaves you time to focus on other things whilst your fridge is doing the work.

Here’s a dessert that took about 15 minutes.

actually there are many time saving tips that you can make.


I think it’s possible to eat way too many nuts when eating raw food – it’s where most people start. But the raw food pantry can be so much more diverse and sophisticated than that. This is where knowing your pantry ingredients and what they can do is really important. There are different types of raw flours, setting agents, wet and dry sugars as well as other fruits and vegetables that you can include in your desserts.

Learning about the raw pantry is one of the key elements of Sweet Online. Once you gain freedom with pantry ingredients, then there is so much available to you – beyond nuts.

So it’s not just about nuts. Can you guess the secret vegetables inside these desserts?


Raw food can be as cheap or as inexpensive as you want. Most people know that freezing a banana will enable you to whizz up an ice cream or you can pop it on a stick, freeze it and dip it chocolate for an instant choc-ice.

Look, this cup of soaked almonds can make 1 litre of almond milk for ice creams, pannacotta and whipping creams, or can be poured over your cereals – yet the pulp from the nut milk can be used wet to make a sponge cake or dried to make almond flour. Not a bad yield for just one cup of nuts so it’s not that expensive after all.

That one cup of nuts can give me six of these …

and enough left over for this…

Investing in the technical know-how is essential so you don’t end up throwing away what could be very valuable ingredients.


Sure – raw desserts can be very complex – and they can also be very straightforward once you learn all the different elements. It’s a learned skill like anything.

We wouldn’t attempt to run a marathon without learning to walk first, so why should it be the same with cookery? Like all things, it takes a bit of application to learn about a new way of cooking. After all, raw food is a science and the ingredients simply don’t behave like cooked ingredients. But once you learn the basics, it’s easy to start developing your own creations. If you can make a salad and use a blender, you can make these desserts.

Within a week, you could be making all this.

You don’t need much to start your raw food desserts training. All you really need is a decent blender and a few things you would find in your kitchen.

This is what Michelle made for her final project on the Sweet Online programme.

And this is what Janet made with her few found knowledge.

You’ll be impressing your family and friends in no time and turning out show-stopping desserts like these.

A small amount of investment in learning some skills and techniques could prevent a lot of wasted time and money spent on expensive ingredients.  These are skills for life and you’ll be impressing people with your new skills in no time.

I would love it if you would join me for one of my raw desserts classes. I run desserts training online so you can learn from the comfort of your own computer.

I also run LIVE events so if you prefer a face to face experience I run short one day desserts training and longer professional trainings

Sometimes we need support and someone standing beside us as we learn the ropes. I’d love you to choose me to help you.

Deliciously yours,

Deborah x

Photography: Dawn Langley