get organised in the kitchen to support healthy clean eating habits

The kitchen has many functions from preparing food to being a meeting place for family and friends. It’s easy for things to get out of control, especially when we are busy. Yet keeping your kitchen clean and organised is the first step into supporting you on the road to vibrant health.

Here’s my 5 top tips that you can do today to help organise your kitchen to propel your healthy eating habits (my kitchen is pictured below).

  1. Keep your kitchen counters clutter free. In order to create delicious food, you need clear and easy to clean preparation space. Take a cardboard box and sweep everything into it that doesn’t belong in the kitchen or on the worksurface. Then redistribute it to its rightful place in your home, the charity shop or into the rubbish prep area1
  2. Invest in a sharpie and masking tape. This is one of the ground rules that I teach on my trainings. Label everything that goes in the fridge or freezer with what it is and the day you made it. It will save you from peering at food wondering what it is and if it is still edible.
  3. Take stock of the equipment you use everyday and organise your kitchen accordingly. If the Vitamix spends more time on the counter than in the cupboard, then create a permanent space for it on the counter and use the cupboard space in a different way.
  4. Organise your kitchen into zones. If you are a keen juicer or smoothie maker, create a juicing or smoothie making zone with all the ingredients you need to hand and glasses above. If you are a keen salad maker, then organise your knives, chopping board, bowls and condiments next to each other to create a salad prep area. Use the corner carousel in your kitchen for spices and condiments such as oils and vinegars. Most people use the corner carousel for saucepans, however we accumulate so many condiments and spices that it’s easy to lose track of what we have. Having them in easy reach (so we don’t have to pull the cupboard apart whenever we want something) Jucing and smoothie zonemeans that we prevent waste and can keep on top of our inventory. Spices and condiments last longer if they are kept in a cool dark place.
  5. Declutter your storecupboard. Remove everything that is out of date or that you are keeping ‘just in case’. The chances are that if you haven’t eaten it in a year and it’s lurking at the back of a cupboard, then you are probably not going to eat it. Hoarding food that you are not going to eat will drain your energy. I keep my dry foods in glass containers on a shelf above my preparation space so I can easily see what I have and if I’m running low.

Once your kitchen is clean and organised, making the food you choose becomes easy. An organised kitchen will help to inform your food preparation so you can create clean and nourishing food whenever you want to.