I think we might have started a new thing. Well at least, I hope we have.

Today we cake-crashed the office of a London client. It’s a bit like gate-crashing but with raw cake.

My client said that in the history of the company, there had never been such a delicious Monday afternoon.

Everyone was eagerly trying the new products.

I’d made a new matcha and seaweed coconut snack. It’s not for those who dislike matcha. They loved it since they are the antioxidant-seeking types. If you’re interested in all things matcha you can catch it this month in the Thrive and Whole Shebang boxes – just for August. It’s green by the way.

The Apple and Danish Cinnamon Rolls are one of my personal favourites – made with activated almonds and slathered with a lush cinnamony syrupy filling with juicy apples and raisins. If you’d like to start your day off with one of these, you can snaffle a packet of two in the Lush or Whole Shebang boxes this month. They freeze, but you won’t freeze them.

 danish rolls

We also took in a new range of entirely sugar-free crackers including The Mediterranean and The Kimchi (my favourite). It’s made with kimchi, hand-made by me in my studio, which takes a few weeks to mature.  Both are in this months Thrive box.

Suffice to say, the red velvet and carrot cake went down well. We are promoting a new range of raw cakes that will be available to purchase soon.  If you are interesting in stocking them, do get in touch.


cake crashing