Today is the start of the new Chinese New Year.

It’s the year of the Dog signifying dignity, prosperity and wealth for all.

I must admit that I love all food that is Asian inspired.

These are just some of the Asian recipes I make when I want my food to be quick, easy and flavourful but not stressful.

If you are seeking some easy raw plant-based inspiration, you may wish to start with a Chinese Five Spice Blend.

You can use it to pep up your kale crisps or add some seasoning to your sunflower seeds.
There are no swanky techniques in these recipes. They are just delicious and easy to follow, easy to make dishes.

If you fancy making them swanky, then do share your photos over in the Deliciously Raw Kitchen Hangout, I’d love to see them.

Easy Winter Miso Soup

You can customise what you add to this deliciously easy soup. It’s a perfect precursor for noodles.

Singapore style noodles

This is my take on a much-loved classic. Perfect for impressing people at any time of year. I created this recipe since John wanted me to come up with a raw plant-based version. He adds deep fried tofu to his, but you can add what you like.

Ramen Pot Noodle

A delicious and mouth-watering noodle dish which you can take with you on the go. Simply add warm water and give it a good shake. The perfect nourishing good mood food.

Tang Dressing

I can lay no claim to the Chinese authenticity of this dressing – but it’s a real treat either over noodles or as a marinade for tofu. Add some chilli if you would like a punchier kick.

Give me 3 days and I’ll show you how to make healthy delicious plant-based raw food just like these recipes… without having to blow all your money on ready meals or takeaways…

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