Our handsome boys

You may know that I have two beautiful exuberant deerhounds, Patches Furlashes and Ziggy Stardust. They enjoy their walks and mostly enjoy snoozing on the sofas.  When I am in my office writing, they sit behind me and are mostly content to lay quietly with the warmth of the winter sun hitting their faces as they snooze.

Now and again, they get restless. Patches Furlashes cries a little under his breath. It is a low and barely audible whine but I am extremely in tune with it, like a baby crying.  It generally means he has an unmet need – he wants a cuddle, or a walk, or a snack.  I stop what I am doing and give him what he needs.

It occurred to me that when I whine (barely audibly under my breath), that I don’t give myself the same attention. I plough on regardless putting my own needs to the back of my mind because I simply have to get everything done.

Does this sound familiar?

What about if we looked after ourselves as well as we looked after others? If we paid attention to those small things and took care of ourselves?

When we are feeling buoyant, it’s easy to take care of ourselves in the way we choose with healthy food and exercise. Sometimes, though, when we whine a little under our breath, that’s the time that we really need to nourish ourselves and take even more care – rather than reaching for food that doesn’t serve us in the long term for a quick fix. Or reverting to old habits.

I speak from experience.

Sometimes we just don’t take the little steps we need to keep our lives in good order.

What do you need to do right now?

Soak some almonds for homemade almond milk?

Stock the fridge with a few greens?

Make a raw red velvet cake for the freezer? or a toffee apple slice (a healthier option for those under the breath whining moments…for you, not for your dog)

If you need to nourish yourself today, or any day, I have lots of recipes and tips to help you on my website. Some don’t take as long as the red velvet cake. Some are super quick.  Like dressings for a salad. Or a super quick raw soup.

Have a great weekend and take care of yourself.