Having run Sweet Online a few times now, what’s become clear is that people love the recipe characters in the programme and their stories.

If you don’t know about it, Sweet Online has been described as a ‘game changing’ raw desserts training. You can participate and learn from the comfort of your own home. It’s ten modules of deliciousness including insider tips and tricks to make all manner of show stopping raw desserts.

When photographer, Dawn Langley, and I were doing the photoshoot for Sweet Online, we decided to characterise the desserts according to how they behaved. This helped us set the scene and stage the photoshoot.

I thought you’d like to meet a few of the players  – a behind the scenes glimpse, if you like. There are 29 characters in total on Sweet Online…plus the one you create yourself.

Here are 7 of them.

This is Madame Strawberry Tart. She runs a little chocolaterie in Quimper selling handmade chocolates. She wouldn’t dream of being seen without her make-up or without painted nails. She has a pate sucree style pastry base and a crème patisserie filling. She shares her beauty tips in the programme on how she always looks so good.

This is Key Lime Pie. He is brave and daring but once you melt his heart, he is loyal and devoted. This has some bold flavours yet feels supremely comforting. He has a solid shortbread style base but the kind of comforting filling you can just dive into.

Meet Raspberry and Pistachio Ice cream Cake. She’s a bit fickle and showy. She has a pet parrot called Kiki. She is a real show stopper and combines raw cake and ice cream making skills. She has to be eaten quickly though as being fickle, she is likely to melt quickly.

Introducing Chocolate Hazelnut Layer Cake loves visiting the Teatro La Fenice in Venice. He has been known to cry during Madame Butterfly. He is a close textured sponge which is more in the style of a chocolate and nut tort layered with hazelnut cream. The skill in making him is to create even layers to form an elegant looking cake. He’s a little bit flamboyant and like things just so.

Miss Lemon meringue pie is the Doris Day of desserts. Can you see why?

This is Apricot Streusel. She is a governess who is quite strict with her students but at weekends wears orange knickers and drinks a little whisky. There is something about this Apricot Streusel Bar that is rather surprising. The apricot layer is a little bit fruity whilst the shortbread and streusel topping gives the bar some authority.

Red Velvet Cake. Otherwise known as RVC. She is a film star who you just happen to walk past on Bond Street. She catches you off guard and is a little bit mesmerising.

There are plenty more to meet. Come and play in the game-changing raw desserts training – if you’d love to learn to make delicious raw desserts with character.



Photography credit: Dawn Langley