This is for people who love food, who want to eat healthily yet don’t want to compromise on taste.

It is for people who want to increase the amount of flavourful raw, living and minimally processed plant based and botanical food with all the healthfulness and deliciousness well and truly left in.

It is for people who are looking for foods that are free from gluten, dairy, meat and refined sugars and words they cannot pronounce – but food that is not free from flavour.

We prepare food because we need to put sustenance on the table. However really delicious food can move beyond physical sustenance to emotional and physical wellbeing and make life far more pleasurable.

Simply put, we feel better when we eat this way.

I started the Deliciously Raw Culinary School in 2012 for people to learn how to make raw food taste and look really delicious.

Whether you are simply looking to add in some breakfast or lunch ideas, a menu for something special or just need some inspiration – there’s lots here to help you. Check out the recipes on this website and come and say ‘hello’ and join the Deliciously Raw Kitchen Hangout on Facebook. It’s free – and it’s a great place to meet like-minded people and ask question about ingredients and equipment. We are a friendly bunch.

If you would like to raise your culinary skills, I run training for people who are raw-curious through to professional health practitioners and chefs who would like to expand their repertoire into raw and plant-based food. The courses range from a day’s course in how to put together a simple three course menu through to making fermented tree nut cheeses through to a week long Chef Training through to a year long Diploma in Raw Chef Mastery for those who want to ‘go pro.’ There really is something for everyone.

The training takes place in my dedicated plant-based culinary studio in Gloucestershire UK – from one day sessions through to professional longer courses. I also run courses ‘online’ so you can learn from the comfort of your own kitchen.  All the trainings I run are hand-on because I think we learn best when we are actually ‘doing.’

If you’d like to get to know me more, you can read about my story here.

Deliciously yours,


“Deborah is the NIGELLA of the raw food world”

Emma Berry | Beautiful Bakes