purple-broccoliPurple sprouting broccoli must be one of the joys of life. After months of peering somewhat wearily into my organic box looking at the inevitable array of roots and cabbage over winter, it has lifted my spirits to see purple sprouting broccoli. Sadly it will only be around for the next few weeks.

April is such an exciting month in terms of seasonal produce. This month we can expect more kale, spinach, fennel, chard, spring greens and spring onions. Later in the month the early asparagus will appear and there may even be horseradish root.

Purple sprouting broccoli can be used in any recipe that calls for regular green broccoli.

I like it with this simple Teriyaki sauce. To prepare the broccoli, you can marinade it in a simple dressing of 1 tsp lemon juice, 1 tbsp olive oil and a pinch of salt. Once marinated, you can also dehydrate the broccoli at 115 degrees F on a Teflex sheet for an hour or two to soften it. Then simply pour the teriyaki sauce over the broccoli to serve. The sauce is also good with steamed broccoli too.

Photograph by my friend Dawn Langley

Photograph by my friend Dawn Langley

Kale is another staple of the April kitchen. This month, I found some purple kale too. If you are looking for some ideas for kale, then you try this Golden Coronation Kale recipe. Or if you would like some crunch, then maybe either of these recipes for kale crisps would hit the spot.

I love fennel and it’s so refreshing. I particularly like it in a juice. This isn’t the sweetest of juices but it is packed full of good things to put a spring in your step and is deliciously refreshing.

Racing Green
Prep time
Yield: 1-2 servings
  • 1 bulb fennel
  • 1 bunch parsley
  • 6 kale leaves
  • 1 head of celery
  • 1 lemon, rind on
  • 1 - 2 apples (depending on level of sweetness required)
  1. Simply push all the ingredients through your juicer. If you are using a centrifugal juicer, then sandwich the leaves between the other ingredients to get as much juice out of them as possible – otherwise you might find they fly into the crevices of the spinner.