Deborah Durrant

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Deliciously Raw Diploma in Raw Chef Mastery

Level One


Learn to make and plate professional-level raw plant-based food that is ready for any deli or restaurant.

Enrolment closed until 2019.


The only Raw Chef Certification approved by The Vegetarian Society Vegetarian Society Approved.


Expand your practice by learning insider tips and raw chef mastery

Create products for your own raw food business so you can earn extra income and become the NEW go-to raw food deli in your area

Create inspiring menus for events, gatherings and retreats

Achieve better results by having a safe space to learn and experiment with professional support

Gain enough technical knowledge to have the freedom to experiment

Have a brand-new network of like-minded people with which to share learning and insights in raw culinary cuisine.

Your journey starts with Deliciously Raw Chef Mastery Level One

Raw plant-based food is taking its rightful place in the culinary arts.

It has the potential to be world class and is moving towards new levels of accomplishment.

If you would like to make world class raw plant-based food, Deliciously Raw Chef Mastery Level One is an essential part of your journey.

This modular course covers the range of techniques and blows the lid on the insider secrets required to be an accomplished raw food chef.

Raw chef mastery depends on solid foundations and knowledge of methods – for beverages, soups, snacks, sauces, appetisers, mains and desserts. Master these techniques and you have a good basis for a repertoire of a wide range of different dishes.

Your Raw Chef Mastery journey starts here

On successful completion of the modules, you will receive a Deliciously Raw Diploma in Raw Chef Mastery (Level One), approved by The Vegetarian Society.

Who is this for?

The Raw Chef Mastery Level One is suitable for foodies, culinary creatives, would be chefs – anyone who wants to achieve great results with healthy raw plant-based food and doesn’t want to compromise on taste, presentation or experience.

This course will increase your confidence with the more technical aspects of putting together raw food and will expose you to a whole range of flavours, techniques, ideas and ways to present.

For professionals, health enthusiasts, health/lifestyle professionals and chefs, this will add to your culinary cannon and help you to start to develop your own recipes with an emphasis on health, and it will help you expand your own raw culinary practice.

This is suitable for anyone who wants to be inspired to put together a complete raw plant-based menu for everyday of the week – for everyday family meals or for health retreats, workshops and events.

For people who want to enjoy more exciting plant-based food for family and friends, this is going to make your experience of raw food way more interesting and keep you motivated to eat more raw plants.

Vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free friendly.
Suitable for foodies and people who are not 100% raw and love delicious food.

At the end of the programme you will have a better understanding of

  • Ingredients and their purpose which will help you become a better raw plant-based chef

  • How to create your own versions of the recipes for fun, family or business

  • How to plate like a professional to achieve show stopping results

  • How to prepare a variety of beverages, breakfasts, snacks and meals for different occasions

  • Knowledge of how to achieve different textures and flavours

  • A variety of preparation methods including knife skills, blending, processing, thickening and dehydrating

  • Technical knowhow that will change the way you eat forever.

Programme Contents

Fundamentals of Raw Food Cuisine

Expand your practice by learning insider tips and raw chef mastery.
Learn the fundamentals of the raw food kitchen and ingredients so you can adjust recipes to suit your own palate and seasonal ingredients.

  • Overview of the Deliciously Raw kitchen
  • Overview of kitchen etiquette including safe and hygienic kitchen practices
  • Overview of kitchen equipment
  • Overview of ingredients; flours, sweeteners, setting and binding agents, seasonings and how to store them
  • Building your raw chef store cupboard so you can always make a delicious meal
  • Alternative sweeteners in the raw food kitchen
  • Understanding nut and seed profiles and flour yields
  • Flavour balancing – and how to correct a dish that’s not quite right
  • Food matches made in heaven and how to season them
  • How to create raw ‘comfort’ food
  • Essential skills: how to make raw flours, date paste, candied nuts, sprouted buckwheat and buckwheatsicles, nut and seed butters, fermentation, salad dressings, condiments, cream, herb and tomato sauces, savoury dishes, desserts, blossom and herb vinegars, vanilla extract and finishing syrups
  • Troubleshooting – what to do when things do not go to plan with expensive ingredients

Creating beverages

You will be able to put together a whole range of raw plant-based beverages to give you choice from breakfast to bedtime.

  • Fruits and veggies to use and those to avoid
  • A range of delicious juices
  • The principles of building a creamy almond milk and building your own milkshakes and smoothies

Sample recipes from Raw Chef Mastery Level One

Smoothies such as macaccino, blueberry acai, buzzed up, chocolate cherry, key lime, tropical green. Chilled drinks such as strawberry milkshake, mint choc chip milkshake, coconut cream milkshake, vanilla sesame milk, mango lassi and warm drinks such as oat milk, malted oat milk, hot chocolate, golden chai coconut milk infusion, chai latte, Mexican hot chocolate and chocolate chai.

The art of fermentation

Learn about fermentation and sprouting and its importance to health with easy to follow instructions and how fermented foods can be incorporated into everyday meals. Gain enough technical knowledge to have the freedom to experiment with fermentation – a health superfood.

  • The principles of simple fuss free lacto-fermentation
  • Essential how to: creating a salt brine for fermenting veggies
  • Vegetable fermentation, kimchi and sauerkraut
  • Fermented spiced pesto, tsukemono
  • Preserved lemons
  • Rejuvelac
  • Water and coconut kefir and secondary fermentation
  • Fermented mocktails and lemonades
  • Coconut yoghurt, greek style yoghurt, ‘sheep style’ yoghurt, hazelnut yoghurt
  • How to sprout seeds and legumes
  • Fermented tree nut cheeses (see module below)

Creating breakfasts

Start your day the deliciously raw way with a range of versatile plant-based options.

  • Creating a creamy silky smooth chia pudding
  • Blueprints for making your own signature granola and buckwheat crunchies
  • The art of the superfood smoothie bowl

Sample recipes from Raw Chef Mastery Level One

Winter spice granola, apple and cinnamon buckwheat crunchies, Mont blanc

Creating soups

Learn how to make classic, comforting, easy to eat warming raw soups. Perfect for flasks, a quick lunch or to serve as an appetiser as part of a meal.

  • The building blocks of delicious raw soups
  • How to make enhanced stocks, flavour, season and garnish effectively
  • Soup making including raw broth based soups, cream based soups, chowder, ramen, chilled and warm soups

Sample recipes from Raw Chef Mastery Level One

Borscht, cream of broccoli soup, cream of spinach soup, mushroom soup, asparagus soup, ramen, sweetcorn chowder, tomato soup.


“Deborah Durrant’s patience and generosity of spirit shine through on all the courses she offers. She finds a way to share her immeasurable wealth of knowledge in a way that is easy to understand no matter what level you are at on your raw food journey – beginner or advanced. She thoroughly understands her subject and imparts it in a way that can be transferred and applied very practically in your own life. She doesn’t just teach ‘recipes’ she trains you to know what ingredients and components are needed to recreate your favourite cooked dishes – she instils you with the knowledge, knowhow and intelligence to go forth and start creating – rather than just copying. Her teaching style is light hearted and well thought out and she layers information to make sure it is easily retained. A true inspiration. I highly recommend her courses”

Jo Helesfay-Evans |

Creating elegant appetisers and the art of plating a salad

Learn the attention to detail that really elevates a dish and starts the meal in a way that excites – and sets your food apart from the crowd.

  • Developing skills in precision work
  • The architecture of plating an elegant salad and creating salad dressings
  • Creating ‘rice paper’ wraps, summer rolls and nori rolls

Sample recipes from Raw Chef Mastery Level One

Market salad with garden radishes and quick citrus ‘ricotta’ ravioli with chamomile pine nut dressing
Spinach salad with whipped celery mascarpone and strawberry splash
Pear Napoleon with savoury walnuts and lemon

The composition of entrees

You will learn how to master the part of making raw food that most people find challenging; a creating a repertoire of main meals. This will range from tomato, herb and cream sauces based on world cuisines through to adding crunch such as flatbreads, crackers and crumbles.

Whilst you may recognise these sauces and main dishes, there is nothing standard about the flavours. Learn how you can adapt these for picnic food, lunch boxes, canapes and how you can elevate them for a main event or mix them with cooked options for maximum appeal.

Learn to make and plate amazing raw plant-based food that will grab people’s attention.

  • The art of making tomato, cream and herb sauces for different world cuisines: Mexican, French, Greek, Spanish and Italian including Neapolitan, aurora, marinara, arrabiata and salsa verde
  • Learn to borrow from the classics to make raw versions of satay, thai curry, sweet and sour, yaki soba, teriyaki and carbonara
  • Learn to make noodles, rice, couscous, patés, polenta, pavé and galettes
  • Learn a rich repertoire of authentic flavours that you can make to enhance meals for everyday or for entertaining
  • Get recipe templates so you can adapt these recipes

Sample recipes from Raw Chef Mastery Level One

Thai green curry and coconut cauliflower rice with savoury almonds, Indonesian satay noodles, pad Thai with sweet chilli cashews, sweet and sour noodles, Japanese yaki soba, assorted Lebanese mezzes including sprouted lentil falafel, spaghetti carbonara and alfredo, broccoli cheese with walnut crumble, Singapore noodles with curried cashews, teriyaki mushroom noodle bowl, Moroccan style mushrooms with saffron couscous, butternut squash and sage pilaf with peas, mint and preserved lemon dressing, curried rice and savoury galettes stuffed with creamy garlic mushrooms.

  • Ideas and suggestions for you to put different elements of these dishes together in innovative ways

Creating snacks

Create products for your own raw food business so you can earn extra income and become the NEW go-to raw food deli in your area
Create your own versions of these snacks from the blueprints. Perfect to start you on the road to becoming your own raw food deli chef.

  • Get recipe templates for creating your own flavoured activated nuts and seeds, signature cookies, kale crisps and snack bar recipes.

Sample recipes from Raw Chef Mastery Level One

Gingerbread men, vanilla cookies, chocolate hazelnut cookies, cacao, macadamia and cranberry cookies
Creating crisp and delicate crackers with the perfect snap: Mediterranean crackers, kimchi crackers, black sesame miso crackers,  rosemary sea salt almonds and sage and onion activated almonds
Mediterranean kale crisps, smoky chipotle kale crisps, Holy mole kale crisps, Spring miso kale crisps, chocolate kale crisps, kimchi kale crisps
Cheddar biscuits

Creating Fermented Tree Nut Cheeses

Learn how to ferment plant-based tree nut cheeses and gain different textures – soft, medium and hard tree nut cheeses

  • Get recipe templates for creating your own flavoured plant-based cheeses, fruit and ‘goat’ style plant-based cheeses and chutney
  • Creating a quick chutney and accompanying condiments
  • The art of creating a plant-based cheese plate

Sample recipes from Raw Chef Mastery Level One

A trio of cheeses: Apricot style plant-based ‘Wensleydale,’ pink peppercorn rolled goats plant-based cheese and a garlic and herb swirl roulade soft cheese with spiced cranberry chutney

Afternoon Tea and Indulgent Desserts

You’ll get a round of applause for these indulgent desserts as the final va va voom to a meal. Learn how to present the final element of a meal in a way that is memorable. The dessert is often the last part of a meal. Let’s make it count.

Sample recipes from Raw Chef Mastery Level One

Strawberry and white chocolate pots, tiramisu pots with fermented vanilla almond mascarpone, banoffee cheesecake, white chocolate cheesecake with marinated rhubarb, Turkish delight cheesecake, chocolate and vanilla sponge cake, strawberry shortcake, pecan-crusted coconut cinnamon cream pie, chocolate chai tart with vanilla gelato, prune and chocolate tart with orange syrup and almond milk ice cream, cold brewed coffee granita with cinnamon crème fraiche, salted caramel pecan shortbread slices

Imagine being about to make delicious desserts such as creamy cheesecakes, dreamy chocolate tart and show-stopping chocolate and vanilla sponge cakes.

Is it really possible to eat all these raw yet they taste truly comforting and cooked? Yes it is.

You will be amazed at what you can make with little more than a blender, food processor and dehydrator – and a lot of technical know-how. Raw Chef Mastery Level One has lots of tips, techniques, recipes and guidance to show you how.

Just imagine, from the skills and knowledge from the programme, you can make your own menus like this…

There are infinite possibilities once you have mastered these skills.

Throughout the programme, you will learn the fundamentals of making different recipes and master a range of different techniques – plus you will have the opportunity to demonstrate what you have learned to create your own menu at the end of the programme.

A Diploma in Raw Plant-based Raw Chef Mastery Level One approved by The Vegetarian Society will be awarded to participants who successfully complete the programme. To achieve this, each participant will be required to complete assignments and upload photographs of their work.


See the FAQ’s to find out more.


Meet Your Trainer

The training will be led by Deborah Durrant, a qualified chef in advanced raw and living cuisine. Deborah combined her interests as a lifelong passionate foodie with a keen interest in a raw plant-based diet to found the Deliciously Raw Culinary School. After working in the creative sector for 25 years she followed her dream to train as a chef at the Matthew Kenney Culinary School and wants to break the myth that raw food is about eating boring salad and show you can enjoy fabulously indulgent food with many nutritional benefits.

Deborah holds a Masters degree in Change Skills from the University of Surrey. An experienced trainer, facilitator and coach, this is at the heart of Deborah’s practice as a chef – helping people to develop their skills to make delicious raw food and changing people’s relationship to food.

All modesty aside, if you’ve tried any of my recipes already you’ll know that everything I make is delicious first and raw second. If you haven’t tried any of my recipes, you can try any of the free recipes on my website to get a flavour (sorry, no pun intended) of the kind of food I make. Since 2005, I tried to eat a high raw diet, but I kept returning to my most favourite cooked foods. What changed things for me was learning how to make the most amazing and delicious raw foods that taste so good that people don’t even think about the fact that they are raw. I pride myself on making raw twists on cooked classics, and my family and friends prefer the raw foods I make, finding them much more satisfying and full of flavour. I have also developed 8 course raw tasting menus for pop ups and other events and had the pleasure of being a personal chef for private fine dining clients.

I have recently taken part in the TV show 3 Chef’s, demonstrating how delicious and exciting raw food can really be to 3 established and experienced chefs.

I trained as a Chef with Matthew Kenney Culinary in the US (previously named 105 degrees), and I am a Qualified Chef in Advanced Raw and Living Cuisine. I worked at the Gothic in Maine after my training and can also bring to our work the experience of a professional kitchen. I really am proud to say that I have trained with the best.

Your Raw Chef Mastery Journey starts here



I look forward to seeing you.

Deliciously yours,

Karen Knowler

“For anyone who is looking to take their raw food recipes to the next level, whether for personal gratification alone (and of course impressing friends and family) or for high-level professional development, then Deborah is one of just a very few people in the UK I would wholeheartedly recommend without hesitation.”

Karen Knowler | The Raw Food Coach |


How does the programme work?

Once the programme commences in August, you will be given access to the programme. You can work through all the activities for each module and submit the assignments online. Once a module has become unlocked, you can move backwards and forwards to complete the tasks and recipes in the order you wish. You have unlimited time to complete the programme (without the Diploma) and refer to the materials. Once you have joined, you have access to all the material and videos and can login and refer to them when you wish.

If you would like to work towards your Deliciously Raw Diploma in Raw Food Mastery Level One approved by The Vegetarian Society, please submit all your assignments within one year of notifying of your intention to complete the Diploma.

Each module and recipe has step by step guidance and photography. Some of the recipes are demonstrated on video. There will also be live online sessions and Q&A with Deborah.
You can take part in the live group forum discussions and be part of a supportive community.

How much time will the programme take?

I have estimated that the contact time with the food will be up to 140 hours for the whole programme. That doesn’t allow for chilling and dehydrating time – much of which allows you to get on with other things whilst the fridge or dehydrator is doing the work. It is so much easier than keeping an eye on the oven! That said, you have up to a year to complete your certification from notifying me that you would like to complete the Deliciously Raw Diploma in Raw Food Mastery Level One approved by The Vegetarian Society. (This means that I won’t be waiting for you to complete the programme in my dotage and the timeframe should allow for life getting in the way.) Please let me if you require more time.

Can I download the materials and keep them?

The recipes and guides are fully downloadable and you can print them out and refer to them in your own kitchen.

I don’t have much equipment. Can I still take part in the programme?

The majority of the recipes require a food processor or blender. You will struggle without either. It’s how we achieve such creamy and delicious results. You can take part in the programme but you will be limited in what you make. We will also recommend other small kitchen utensils such as a microplane, peeler, nut milk bag and other small items.

I don’t have a dehydrator. Can I still take part in the programme?

Some of the recipes require a dehydrator. That said, you could use an oven on a low setting instead.

What if I can’t get my hands on some ingredients such as Thai coconut meat?

We like to work with local seasonal ingredients and sometimes a Thai coconut isn’t that local. Generally, substitutions can be found. Just ask Deborah what you can use to substitute for any hard to find ingredients.

Do I have to complete the assignments and take part in the programme discussions?

No, you can download the guidance and recipes and work through them at a pace to suit yourself. If you would like to gain your Deliciously Raw Diploma in Raw Food Mastery Level One approved by The Vegetarian Society, you will be required to participate and complete the assignments.

There’s a lot of food in this course, will I end up with too much?

This food is designed to be everyday food. The Diploma element of the programme is spread over the course of a year so you don’t have to make and eat everything at once. The snacks make excellent gifts for friends so your popularity may increase.

I have a specialist diet. Is the programme suitable for me?

The programme is suitable for those who follow a gluten free, dairy free, plant-based or vegan diet. Nuts are used on the programme but not peanuts. Also coconut is used. You don’t have to be 100% raw to join the programme, most people don’t eat that way.

How is this different from Feast, the LIVE 5 day programme?

Feast (Raw Chef Level One) is an in depth hands on group LIVE programme. Raw Chef Mastery Level One is similar material presented in a way that you can work through the programme at a pace to suit you without leaving home, without the need to book and organise flights and hotels, without having to book time off work and reorganise your life to learn these raw chef mastery skills. You can still enjoy the environment of a live group with all the excitement of what other people are creating and share your work and get feedback – and watch video demonstrations and take part in live FB sessions from Deborah without the need to travel.

Once you have completed you Deliciously Raw Diploma in Raw Chef Mastery Level One, you can progress to Level Two; learning advanced techniques, skills and how to use specialist equipment for even more extraordinary and inventive menu creation.