Over this week I’ve been explaining a little more about what you could expect if you sign up to SWEET ONLINE, the online raw desserts training. I completely understand that if you are thinking of investing both your time and hard earned money in some sort of raw desserts training, you want to be sure that it’s the right thing for you and that it simply doesn’t compare with anything else out there – or anything else you might have done. 

If you have any questions about the training, you can always come over to the Deliciously Raw Kitchen Hangout. It’s free, it’s a good place to get your questions answered; by me or other people – anything from what people have learned by doing this training before, to where to buy ingredients to how to stop your truffle mix from splitting.  

Over this week I’ve explained about the other modules in this ten module programme, including crème patisserie, nut free desserts and also cheesecakes.  If you have missed them, then you can catch up with those blog posts here.

In this piece, I’m focussing on the final four modules – delicious ice creams, speciality sponge cakes and moreish snack bars. Plus the final module which is designed to build on everything you’ve learned to unleash your creative flair as a raw pastry chef.   


Ice cream sandwich – Photography: Dawn Langley

I was more than happy with many of the plant-based ice creams on the market, until I learned to make my own. It’s one of the desserts that people are most amazed by when they come to visit me in my studio. I have won lifelong friends over a chocolate gelato. I wouldn’t joke about something so serious.

The Ices and Frozen Dessert module explores the foundations of developing some divine frozen desserts and sweet treats. You will learn the art of making satiny smooth vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream and we take a closer look at different ways of freezing.  The module demonstrates how to create moulded ices such as ice cream sandwiches, kulfi and cherry yoghurt ice pops – all of which have important textural notes.  You will also learn the art of the rocher…that perfect scoop of ice cream that you often see in magazines and on Instagram which will really impress your guests and add a perfect finishing touch to any raw dessert.

Finally, you have the option of choosing between the ice cream sundae with caramel sauce, chocolate sauce and candied nuts. This is a delicious dessert for children and big kids alike  – a bit like ‘Pralines and Cream’ by a certain ice-cream brand. If you feeling more sophisticated then you might opt for the pina colada granita which is delightfully refreshing. Or you can make both.


Red velvet cake – Photography: Dawn Langley

Many people comment that this is their favourite module because it is a real game changer. It focusses on how to create delicious sponge cakes for special occasions which will be useful additions to your raw culinary skills repertoire.

You learn three different types of sponge – a crumbly sponge like an almond angel food cake, a close textured sponge which is more in the style of a chocolate and nut tort layered with hazelnut cream, and a cake with a soft open texture like a chocolate gateaux with a luscious cream and fruit filling.

You will learn how to make an ice cream cake, the art of creating an individual layered cake for a special dining event and also a cake for sharing. You also have the option of making a chilled set cake with a fruit topping.


Mango Passion Fruit Sponge – Photography: Dawn Langley


Apricot Streusel Bar – Photography: Dawn Langley

The penultimate module develops the idea of crafting snack bars that are healthier and more satisfying than many of the off the shelf varieties. It also develops your skills in layering flavours, components and enrobing with chocolate. In this module, you will learn to make a rich toffee sauce that can be used as an ingredient or as a layer on a shortbread slice. You will also learn some troubleshooting tips so what to do if things go wrong so you don’t waste expensive ingredients.

We make a raw shortbread and streusel – as well as a quick chocolate.

You can keep these snack bars in the freezer once made and individually wrap them in baking parchment so that are easy to take out and transport. 

Hempseed caramel bar – Photography: Dawn Langley

So after all our work is done, it’s over to you for the final module. I’d love you to create a dessert using all the techniques that you’ve learned from the previous nine modules which will develop your creative flair as your own signature dessert. If it sounds daunting right now, don’t worry – by the time you get to this point, you will be able to do it – and feel excited and proud. On successful completion of the programme you will receive your Certificate in Essential Raw Desserts, Vegetarian Society Approved.

If you missed what’s in the rest of the SWEET ONLINE programme, you can read the other blog posts here.

I completely understand that not everyone wants to spend time learning about making raw desserts, if you fall amongst the camp that likes to eat them but not to make them, then try this two-minute easy mango sorbet recipe here.