Hamper: Festive Decadence


deli logoTreat yourself or a friend to a decadent culinary indulgence with this luxury healthy gift box packed full of both pioneering and classic artisan raw plant based goodies to see you through the festive season.

Raw, plant-based, vegan, no refined sugars and gluten free and dairy free.

This comes gift wrapped in a large gift box tied with ribbon.

£80 includes delivery to UK destinations. There is a supplement on checkout for deliveries to the rest of Europe to cover the cost of international shipping.

This is handmade to order and will be delivered w/c 19th December 2016.

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Photographer: Dawn Langley

Photographer: Dawn Langley


The Decadence Hamper contains: 

Gingerbread Men

Soft gingerbread cookies with raisin buttons.  3 biscuits. CONTAINS NUTS (CASHEWS), CERTIFIED GLUTEN FREE OATS

Coconut snowballs

Chewy coconut and vanilla macaroons, you won’t mind if you’re at the receiving end of these.   6 pieces. CONTAINS NUTS (CASHEWS)

Gingerbread Crunchies

Warming, slightly but not overly sweet. Enough to share but you may not want to.  Min weight 90g CONTAINS NUTS (PECANS)

Sweet Chilli Cashews 

Raw cashews, sweet with maple syrup with some heat. Min weight 70g   CONTAINS NUTS (CASHEWS)

Sage and onion activated almonds

These savoury sprouted almonds will leave you feeling satiated rather than stuffed. Although they are deliciously moreish. 70g    CONTAINS NUTS (ALMONDS)

Smoked activated almonds

Smokey paprika with a hint of nutritional yeast. 70g CONTAINS NUTS

Harissa activated walnuts

Harissa and walnuts are the perfect match. Perfect for snacking on during a festive movie or throwing into a Christmas salad.  50g CONTAINS NUTS

Maplewood cold-smoked coconut bacon

This is smoky, savoury and spicy. It’s coconut ‘bacon’ to add crunch to your salads or for healthy snacking. Min weight 50g

Nut roast crostini

Delicious with dips, soup or as a snack, with all the flavours of a nut roast, these little crunchy dehydrated crostini are delightfully moreish. 10 pieces. CONTAINS NUTS

Cranberry and ginger biscotti bites with chocolate drizzle

This is a seasonal twist on our ever popular ginger nut biscotti. For dunking or enjoying in front of your log fire on Christmas Eve. Enough to share and leave one out for Rudolph (but you may not want to).  6 biscuits. CONTAINS NUTS (CASHEWS, BRAZILS, ALMONDS), GINGER

Praline stuffed chocolate dipped figs

This is not a time of year when you want to skimp on the odd indulgence. These figs are fabulous, stuffed with raw chocolate praline and dipped in dark chocolate. 6 pieces. CONTAINS NUTS (HAZELNUTS, ALMONDS), COCONUT

Raw hazelnut praline truffles

Truffles with melting hazelnut praline centres coated in chocolate. Dairy free, gluten free, vegan. 8 pieces.  CONTAINS NUTS: HAZELNUTS, CASHEWS

Christmas pudding balls

Juicy, raw and full of fruit – the way a Christmas pudding should be. 10 pieces. CONTAINS NUTS (ALMONDS) MAY CONTAIN TRACE ELEMENTS OF CORN (VANILLA EXTRACT)

Christmas superfood trail mix

A seasonal mix of raw coconut flakes, goji berries, cacao nibs, raisins and cashews. 70g  CONTAINS NUTS (CASHEWS), COCONUT

Chocolate chai drink

Just the right measure for a deliciously comforting spiced chocolate drink. Simply add nut milk, shake and warm. 28g


Activated crunchy praline flavoured buckwheat clusters with chewy apple, raisins and a chocolate toffee coating. 6 pieces. CONTAINS NUTS


Deliciously soothing and soft raw gingerbread hearts enrobed in dark chocolate. 6 pieces. CONTAINS NUTS





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