a behind the scenes glance into the making of 3 chefs...

I’ve always been a behind the scenes kind of person. In my past life working in the creative sector, I always worked in the background.

Even at parties, I’m much more comfortable in the kitchen making food than out front dressed up being host. If you look on the internet, you might just about find a couple of videos of me making a few easy recipes in the safety of working with my friend Pete, a seasoned TV presenter…. 

So when I was asked to be part of a brand new TV programme called 3 Chefs, I knew I really wanted to do it, but wondered if I could do it without being seen.  Apparently not, according to the Executive Producer and Director, Fiona and Jason. I wasn’t allowed to take Pete with me either. Hmmm. I didn’t so much feel at the edge of my comfort zone rather that my comfort zone was another world away.

We filmed on Monday. I’m not sure what I expected but I didn’t expect such a large crew…and so many cameras. 

I showed the chefs, Adam, Tristan and Steven, how to make two raw plant-based dishes (one of which is above) and then it was their turn to create two from scratch. 

It would be easy wouldn’t it? After all, these are exceptional world-class chefs with phenomenal experience who have worked in some of the finest kitchens.  Surely, making raw dishes entirely from plants and without cooking would be a breeze…

If you’d like to see how they did, you’ll have to watch the show. 

Here’s a few photos from the day. This collection of photos is by the Director, Jason.  That’s me chatting to Tristan…and that’s a Sedona dehydrator. Then there are a selection of dishes.. all may appear ok…but how did they taste? and finally the 3 chefs waiting to hear my feedback.. I can tell you that eating all those dishes with all those cameras pointing at me was not quite what I had anticipated. I have complete respect for John and Greg now.  

a days filming

These photos capture what it felt like to me to be in the middle of it all…

behind the scenes 1 behind the scenes 2

Thank you to Fiona and Jason for being so generous and believing in me, and to all the crew for putting me at ease. Adam, Steven and Tristan, thank you for being so encouraging.  It was day that I don’t think I will ever forget. Notwithstanding, I don’t ever think I can ever look at my ‘sheet slicer’ again without hearing an exaggerated Mexican accent.  Yeah…thanks for that, lads.

More about how you can watch this and the rest of the series, soon.

3 chefs and meThree chefs.. Adam, Steven and Tristan… and me.

How did I choose which dessert to make for the show? You can find out that here…