5 Day Onsite Intensive Programme

Raw Patisserie Chef Training Level I


Wednesday 8th – Sunday 12th May 2019
Deliciously Raw Studio,  Gloucestershire, UK

Places limited to 8

A five day raw chef intensive in making the most decadent and delicious raw plant-based desserts, sweets and patisserie on the planet.

Once completed, participants may progress to Raw Patisserie Chef Level Two, Seduce. Wednesday 15th – Sunday 19th May 2019. Please contact me for further details about Raw Patisserie Chef Level Two and a prospectus. 

It’s well known that raw and living foods are great for your health and your waistline, but what most people don’t know is that they can easily be just as rich and indulgent as any dairy and egg laden dessert. The desserts that we will make on this five day professional patisserie intensive use the most spirit-lifting fruits, nuts, seeds, cacao (raw chocolate) and natural sweeteners that are more delicious actually, than anything ever discovered within the cooked realm. Traditionally, rich, cooked and processed patisserie can leave you feeling weighed down both in your body and your mind, but these won’t…

In fact, they will add a whole new dimension to your diet and feed that part of you that loves to be indulged and feel naughty!

Not only that, you will be learning new processes and techniques that will enable you to unleash your creativity to a whole new level.


Imagine being able to eat imaginative, indulgent, deliciously decadent raw desserts every day for the rest of your life, knowing that they are not only good for you, but that you and your friends, family or clients can eat them feeling guilt-free and emotionally nourished every single time?



The training will be led by Deborah Durrant, a qualified chef in advanced raw and living cuisine. Deborah combined her interests as a lifelong passionate foodie with a keen interest in a raw plant-based diet to found Deliciously Raw. After working in the creative sector for 25 years she followed her dream to train as a chef at the Matthew Kenney Culinary School and wants to break the myth that raw food is about eating boring salad and show you can enjoy fabulously indulgent food with many nutritional benefits. She also holds a Diploma in Advanced Vegan Cookery and in Patisserie (cooked traditional) from Ashburton Cookery School.

Deborah holds a Masters degree in Change Skills from the University of Surrey. This may seem surprising but this is at the heart of Deborah’s practice as a chef. With every healthy plantbased bite that we eat, we are committing to making a change to our health and wellbeing.


DebheadshotAll modesty aside, if you’ve tried any of my recipes already you’ll know that everything I make is delicious first and raw second. If you haven’t tried any of my recipes, you can try any of the free recipes on my website to get a flavour (sorry, no pun intended) of the kind of food I make. Since 2005, I tried to eat a high raw diet, but I kept returning to my most favourite cooked foods. What changed things for me was learning how to make the most amazing and delicious raw foods that taste so good that people don’t even think about the fact that they are raw.

I pride myself on making raw twists on cooked classics, and my family and friends prefer the raw foods I make, finding them much more satisfying and full of flavour. I have also developed 8 course raw tasting menus for pop ups and other events and had the pleasure of being a personal chef for private fine dining clients.

I trained with Matthew Kenney Culinary in the US (105 degrees), with Demuths Vegetarian Cookery School and hold a certificate in Patisserie from Ashburton Culinary School.


“I have yet to meet anyone as infinitely creative with decadent raw food recipes as Deborah Durrant. Deborah possesses a talent for creating new and incredibly inspired recipes as effortlessly as breathing, and yet to the uninitiated her talent can seem unfathomable.

For anyone who is looking to take their raw food recipes to the next level, whether for personal gratification alone (and of course impressing friends and family) or for high-level professional development, then Deborah is one of just a very few people in the UK I would wholeheartedly recommend without hesitation.”

Karen Knowler | The Raw Food Coach | www.therawfoodcoach.com


Entice is the ultimate five day multi-dimensional intensive to providing you with all of the technical know-how so that you can make plant based patisserie yourself, as well as putting together your own creations.

Entice is suitable for anyone who loves raw food and wants to make plant-based patisserie and desserts to impress and wow their friends and family, or for raw food professionals who want to expand their repertoire.

This intensive training explores a variety of raw plant-based patisserie techniques such as cannelloni, pastries, tarts, cheesecakes, ice creams, sorbets, Genoese sponge, cupcakes, torte style chocolate layer sponge with mirror glaze, crème patisserie, gels, crumbs, wafers and custards with brittles, pralines and candied fruit.

You will learn the architecture of creating fabulous patisserie and show stopping desserts. These will be highly adaptable recipes and techniques for your own patisserie creations. There will be emphasis on new techniques, experimentation and visual presentation. Entice will place emphasis on creating new tastes and textures, elegant plating techniques and flavour balancing to enable you to develop your raw culinary skills to a whole new level.

This is hands on training (not a demonstration based class) set in a professional raw food studio with your own workstation. You will have access to the latest cutting edge equipment including a sous vide, pacojet and antigriddle.

A raw lunch will be provided every day.

The programme runs from 9.30am – 5pm each day.

You will learn the architecture of creating fabulous
patisserie and show stopping desserts…


This is for you if…

  • you want to learn how to make deliciously decadent and super healthy raw food patisserie to WOW yourself, your friends and family.
  • you are a raw food, health or culinary professional who wants to expand their repertoire and show people just how fabulous raw food can really be.
  • you would like to gain extra income from supplying raw, plant based, vegan and gluten free catering catering and entertaining.
  • you simply LOVE all things indulgent, naughty and delicious and can think of nothing better than to spend 5 days making, eating and enjoying the best raw desserts that life has to offer.
  • you are prepared to invest in learning how to make the most delicious and nutritious food possible.
  • you know it’s YOUR time to live the raw food lifestyle of your dreams!



“To work with Deborah has been one of my greatest experiences since starting with raw cuisine.

She is truly a ‘Raw Food Wizard’, with an intricate knowledge and intuition when it comes to raw food! I was fortunate enough to attend her DESSERT training in 2013 and FEAST in 2014. And I went back home not only with binders full of delicious recipes, but with so much additional information and insight. I am still in awe about what I learned in just a few days.

Deborah is a wonderful, warm and vibrant person, and she is very passionate when it comes to preparing and presenting food. And she is able to infuse us with this passion. She cares about our progress and is able to share all her knowledge in a simple and easy way, thus allowing each and every one to follow along, be it raw food novice or seasoned raw food enthusiast.

I loved the open, relaxed atmosphere during the courses.

Thank you, Deborah, you are a wonderful teacher.”

Monika Wacker, Switzerland | www.schoccolatta.com


Pantry: Pantry preparation and dehydrated pastries.

Day One focuses on pantry preparation for the week and introduces the art and science of plant based desserts including raw flours, sugars and setting agents.

We will concentrate on the process of exploring how pastry recipes are put together and developed and advanced preparation techniques.


The raw patisserie kitchen

The art and science of plant based desserts

How to make and use raw flours from nuts and other ingredients

The range of natural plant-based sweeteners and setting agents and how they perform in raw desserts

The elements of show-stopping patisserie

Creating your own signature cookies

How to add crunch and texture to raw desserts including crumbs, wafers, candied nuts, candied fruit and praline

Brûlée brittle

Cannelloni shells



Pastries, crème patisseries, ice-creams, sorbets and gelatos

On Day Two you will create some delicious and versatile plant-based pastries that can be used for a variety of different types of desserts and teatime treats. You will learn to make creamy dairy-free ice cream with coconut sorbet and a fruit soup. You will create delicious crème patisserie filling for strawberry tarts and a rich pecan filling for pecan pie and complete the day by making cylindrical ginger snaps for patisserie that has the wow factor.


Soft pliable pastry

Danish apple and raisin rolls

Create your own Danish rolls

Two pastries, two methods: sweet tart crust, bitter chocolate tart crust

Coconut macaroons

Creating your own macaroon flavours

Lime kombucha ice cream, coconut sorbet, tropical fruit soup

Strawberry tarts, crème patisserie, coconut crème fraiche

Pecan pie



On Day Three you will learn the art of creating different types of sponge cakes: a light raw Genoese sponge with a variety of different flavours and cream fillings; a light giotto sponge with a cold brewed coffee reduction; lemon cupcakes and a torte style double chocolate cake with precision layers enrobed with a chocolate mirror glaze. You will also learn the art of creating marbling, precision layers and how to beautifully ice cupcakes for maximum impact.


The technique of making a raw Genoese sponge

Giotto sponge, cold brewed coffee reduction

Precision layers: Belgium double chocolate layered sponge

Marbling: Chocolate marbled orange mousse cake

Lemon cupcakes with lemon cream icing

Create your own cupcake and icing flavours

Coconut meringue


Crème Patisserie

Day Four focusses on creating plated show-stopping desserts such as Sesame cannelloni with orange blossom cream and Bitter chocolate and olive tarts, liquorice ice cream, cacao brittle with mandarin gel. We explore the sous vide for desserts, how the dehydrator can be used for cake-making and create finishing touches such as crumbed edging, gels, brûlée, coconut meringue and syrups.


Crème brûlée

Chocolate almond butter swirl cheesecake, miso crust, cinnamon crumb

Toffee: Banoffee Tart with coconut meringue

The principles of beautiful plating

Plated dessert: Sesame cannelloni with orange blossom cream, lime kombucha ice cream and star anise apricots

Plated dessert: Bitter chocolate and olive tarts, liquorice ice cream, cacao brittle, mandarin gel

Dehydrated hazelnut cake

Using the sous vide for desserts




Parfaits and chocolates

The final day incorporates more advanced techniques such as using the isiwhip for lightness and tempering chocolate to achieve a beautiful snap and finish to your confections. You will also learn how to make a final flourish of finishing touches such as fruit cascades, carpaccios and marinated fruits. Finally, you will be able to marvel at what you have made before packing your creations into patisserie boxes to take home.


The elements of show-stopping patisserie

White chocolate yoghurt with prune puree

Using the isiwhip: whipped light chocolate mousse

Plated dessert: Dense dehydrated hazelnut cake with pinot noir spiced sous vide pears, pear sorbet, vanilla crème anglaise

Tempered chocolate

Moulded chocolates with soft centres

Once completed, participants may progress to Raw Patisserie Chef Level Two, Seduce. Wednesday 15th – Sunday 19th May 2019. Please contact me for further details about Raw Patisserie Chef Level Two (the following week) and a prospectus.




  • Have the knowledge and technical know how to make a range of impressive patisserie for all manner of occasions.
  • Gained valuable knowledge on how to create different textures and flavours and the purposes of different raw ingredients so you can put together your own raw creations.
  • Have learned some essential professional tricks of the trade to ensure that making patisserie on a small or large scale is relatively stress free.
  • Have learned over 30 adaptable recipes for you to use in your business or for entertaining at home.
  • Be supported to develop your own signature style which will help you stand out in the crowd.
  • Gained confidence in impressive and show stopping plating techniques and learned some valuable tricks of the trade.
  • WOW your clients and friends with a choice of appealing and healthy pastries for every occasion.
  • Take your skills to a whole new level and have a whole new level of inspiration.
  • Receive a Certificate of Achievement for the Deliciously Raw Entice Professional Plant based Patisserie 5 day intensive, approved by the Vegetarian Society, UK.



“As a complete novice to raw food I took two of Deb’s wonderful food courses within one month! I was amazed at all the wonderful and delicious things we made raw. I decided to take Taste because as a yoga instructor and nutritional health coach I wanted to add raw chef to this mix to eventually host my own events and retreats. Deb was very generous with her time and knowledge throughout the course and continues to still be! We were encouraged to be creative and come up with our own menus, which seemed an impossible task at first, but I loved it!

Deb also shared her amazing plating skills, which really are very important as people eat with their eyes. I have tried out lots of her recipes on friends and family who have all loved them. I now feel confident creating my own recipes and hosting a raw pop-up dinner. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to take their raw food skills to a new level or have a week of fun in the kitchen with like-minded people. Thank you, Deborah!”

Evelyn Cribbin | UK | www.evelyncribbin.com




You’ll receive a complete recipe pack to take away and use in your own kitchen complete with blueprints for cookies, sponge cakes, ice creams and pastries so you can make your own creations.




Your Deliciously Raw tote bag with professional chefs’ apron to use during the training and to take away.


Applications open…

Once completed, participants may progress to Raw Patisserie Chef Level Two, Seduce. Wednesday 15th – Sunday 19th May 2019. Please contact me for further details about Raw Patisserie Chef Level Two (the following week) and a prospectus.


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