Deliciously Raw Culinary School Academy
Raw Chef Level 2 (Advanced principles)
A 4 day intensive training with Raw Chef Deborah Durrant


Deliciously Raw Studio, Harts Barn, Gloucestershire, UK
Places limited to only 4 participants per training event

Thursday 7th – Sunday 10th June 2018 – places available

Thursday 21st – Sunday 24th June 2018 – course sold out


JoRound“Deborah Durrant’s patience and generosity of spirit shine through on all the courses she offers. She finds a way to share her immeasurable wealth of knowledge in a way that is easy to understand no matter what level you are at on your raw food journey – beginner or advanced. She thoroughly understands her subject and imparts it in a way that can be transferred and applied very practically in your own life. She doesn’t just teach ‘recipes’ she trains you to know what ingredients and components are needed to recreate your favourite cooked dishes – she instils you with the knowledge, knowhow and intelligence to go forth and start creating – rather than just copying. Her teaching style is light hearted and well thought out and she layers information to make sure it is easily retained. A true inspiration. I highly recommend her courses”

Jo Helesfay-Evans

Feast Two is Level 2 (Advanced Principles) of the Deliciously Raw Chef Training Academy.

Feast 2 is an intensive training providing you with the knowledge and technical know-how in the principles of advanced raw and living plant-based cuisine.

During this training you will learn new skills and techniques to enhance the range of main meals and every day raw plant-based foods that you eat. You will also learn techniques to improve the depth of flavour such as advanced stock making, reductions, cold smoking, using the sous vide and culturing foods. You will also boost your skills in precision work and plating to add finesse to the food you prepare.

Why Feast Two, Level 2 is different

Feast Two focusses on improving the range and depth of flavour in the everyday raw plant-based foods that you eat.

It is 4 days of ‘total immersion’ hands-on raw chef training where you will have your own workstation and learn about a whole range of different techniques to prepare delicious and satisfying main meals, snacks and sides – plus a few treats too. In addition, you will learn how to get more out of your dehydrator and further your fermentation and precision skills whilst learning the principles of cold smoking and using the sous-vide. 4 days of total immersion is long enough to develop your skills to add a whole new repertoire to help to transform how you eat, forever with enough variety to keep you motivated and excited.

It’s 35 hours of hands on tuition and you get your own workstation and equipment (it is not a demo based class nor do you chop carrots for hours). It is a practical experience which is aimed at developing your creative abilities, skills and confidence in the raw food kitchen.

Class sizes are limited to just 4 people. This means that you have lots of personal support. It also means there is nowhere to hide, so it’s time to step out of your comfort zone.

Like Feast One, Feast Two takes place in a professional permanent raw culinary production kitchen, not a pop up raw food school or training kitchen. You can get to see how it runs and how it’s set up. This may give you some ideas on how to establish your own kitchen.

Over the four days, you be will be shown how to make a range of different dishes and you will learn new techniques – not just recipes. This gives you freedom in the kitchen and the ability to open the fridge and have choice about what to make when you get home. One of the activities is for you to create a dish drawing on available market ingredients using techniques you have learned throughout Levels 1 and 2.

There will be emphasis on plating techniques and how to make your food look attractive. We eat with our eyes too, don’t we?

You can eat 100% raw and plant-based for 4 days – breakfast, lunch, evening meal, juices and snacks (it’s all taken care of and included in the price) and you will be glowing by the end – better skin, better nails, more energy and you will really feel the benefit. Not only is it useful training, it’s a great kick start to a whole new way of eating.

You leave with a Raw Chef Level 2 Certification, approved by the Vegetarian Society, UK.

You have exclusive membership of the Deliciously Raw Academy Chef Forum – a place to continue to ask questions and share with your colleagues after the training.

Who attends?

Feast Two is likely to be for you if:

  • You have attended Feast One Raw Chef Level 1 and would now like to expand your repertoire
  • You would like to add variety to your main meals and everyday foods and comfort foods
  • You’ve been making raw food for a while but would like to add a bit of va va voom and excitement to your lifestyle
  • You want to impress and WOW your friends and family or encourage your family to eat more fruit and veg
  • You are an aspiring or practicing raw food coach, nutritionist or health professional who wants to expand their repertoire and show people just how fabulous raw plant-based food can really be

testimonial5“I have yet to meet anyone as infinitely creative with decadent raw food recipes as Deborah Durrant. Deborah possesses a talent for creating new and incredibly inspired recipes as effortlessly as breathing, and yet to the uninitiated her talent can seem unfathomable. For anyone who is looking to take their raw food recipes to the next level, whether for personal gratification alone (and of course impressing friends and family) or for high-level professional development, then Deborah is one of just a very few people in the UK I would wholeheartedly recommend without hesitation.”

Karen Knowler, “The Raw Food Coach”


monicaheadshot“To work with Deborah has been one of my greatest experiences since starting with raw cuisine. She is truly a ‘Raw Food Wizard’, with an intricate knowledge and intuition when it comes to raw food! I was fortunate enough to attend her DESSERT training in 2013 and FEAST in 2014. And I went back home not only with binders full of delicious recipes, but with so much additional information and insight. I am still in awe about what I learned in just a few days.

Deborah is a wonderful, warm and vibrant person, and she is very passionate when it comes to preparing and presenting food. And she is able to infuse us with this passion. She cares about our progress and is able to share all her knowledge in a simple and easy way, thus allowing each and every one to follow along, be it raw food novice or seasoned raw food enthusiast. I loved the open, relaxed atmospheres during the courses. Thank you Deborah, you are a wonderful teacher. I am still in awe about what I learned in just a few days…”

Monika Wacker, Switzerland

Day One

You will start the programme by learning some of the advanced principles of raw food cuisine including precision work, fermentation, reductions, crumbs, wafers and crisps. You will develop your skills in precision work by making a pappardelle of celeriac with a nasturtium butter sauce and pick up the skills to make a Japanese handroll using advanced slicing techniques.

  • Introduction to the Advanced Principles Raw Food Kitchen
  • Intro to equipment: slicing tools, smoking gun, sous vide
  • Advanced pantry orientation
  • Japanese hand rolls
  • Reductions, crumbles, wafers, parmesan crisps and carrot paper
  • Pappardelle of celeriac, nasturtium butter sauce
  • Fermentation: relish and sauces



Day Two

On day two you start by making a delicious lacto-fermented almond porridge with berry jam and lucuma cream. You’ll learn about infusions before making your own infused vinegar from flowers and herbs. You’ll discover how to make a delicious savoury tart with raw savoury pastry and seasonal vegetables accompanied by some quick pickled spiced strawberries. You’ll finish with a refreshing cherry and pistachio ice cream cake with elderflower syrup.

  • Almond porridge, berry jam, lucuma cream
  • Flower and herb vinegars
  • Pancakes, hoisin, mushrooms, cucumber pickles
  • Asparagus tart, poppy seed parmesan crisp, pickled strawberries
  • Cherry and pistachio ice cream cake, elderflower syrup


Day Three

Day three focusses on the principles of using the sous vide. You’ll have a classic start to the day in the form of crepes accompanied by sous vide seasonal fruit which is ideal for a leisurely breakfast. You’ll then be straight onto preparing a teriyaki noodle inspired dish and a rich and flavourful beetroot bourguignon. You’ll finish day three by mastering raw gluten free pastry to make a bitter chocolate tart accompanied by almond butter ice cream, malted oat crumble and a cold brew coffee caramel.

  • Crepes with seasonal sous vide fruit and vanilla gelato
  • Teriyaki noodles, sweet and sour carrots, carrot paper
  • Beetroot bourguignon, celeriac crisp, horseradish foam
  • Bitter chocolate tart, almond butter ice cream, malted oat crumble, cold brew coffee caramel


Day Four

The final day of Feast 2, focuses on some advanced classics in raw and living cuisine. Drawing on the skills and techniques that you have learned through levels one and two, you will take part in a market box challenge. You will learn the principles of cold smoking and craft a delicious and hearty entrée followed by a classic apple tart and hazelnut sorbet. We finish with making the most delicious raw crunch bars which will be topped with raw caramel and enrobed in chocolate.

  • Market box challenge
  • Smoked Portabella mushroom, carrot mash, beetroot gel, caramelised onions, pomegranate and red wine reduction.
  • Classic apple tart, thyme crumble, whipped coconut cream, hazelnut sorbet
  • Caramel crunch bars



At the end of the training you will:

  • Have the skills and confidence to improve the range of meals and snacks you eat and to keep your choices interesting day after day.
  • Gained valuable knowledge on how to add depth of flavour to everyday foods.
  • Have gained skills in precision work, cold smoking, sous vide and other advanced techniques.
  • Have gained over 45 new recipes and know how to vary the recipes to suit different palates
  • Gained confidence in plating techniques and learned some valuable tricks of the trade
  • Be in no doubt that you can make raw comfort food whenever you want to – even takeaway equivalents and meals for special occasions.
  • WOW your family and friends with a choice of healthy recipes for every occasion
  • If you’re a raw food professional, take your skills to a whole new level and have a whole new level of inspiration
  • Take away your own hand made crunch caramel slices and fermented veggies.
  • Receive a Deliciously Raw Chef Level 2 Certificate approved by The Vegetarian Society.

On passing your final assessment, you will be eligible to move to Level Three of the Academy and be able to join Taste 1

SaraBy attending Feast, I now have all the knowledge of what equipment to use. I know how to adapt recipes to suit my own taste and I’ve learned the skills to present elegant plates of food. Deb is a relaxed trainer, clearly passionate about what she does and willing to share her secrets to make raw food delicious. This is the best start to raw food imaginable. I now have the confidence to invite friends round for raw dinner parties and can’t wait! I’ll certainly be attending more of Deb’s Deliciously Raw courses!”

Sara Sanderson

What’s included in the chef level 2 training?

  • 35 hours of hands on raw food training over 4 days
  • Raw plant-based breakfast, lunch and evening meal for 4 days
  • Raw snacks and refreshments for 4 days
  • Your own workstation with equipment such as food processors, blenders and mandolins (this is not a demo based class)
  • All ingredients to use for the training
  • A Deliciously Raw Culinary School bag with lots of delicious goodies
  • A recipe binder containing 45 recipes and an essential how to guides
  • A Deliciously Raw Chef Level 2 Certificate approved by The Vegetarian Society.
  • Exclusive membership of the Deliciously Raw Academy Chef Forum – a place to continue to ask questions and share with your colleagues after the training.

feastjuly2015-48The only training you need for the knowledge for your raw food journey. It will give you the confidence and the knowhow. Deb was excellent and very informative with a relaxed atmosphere. The course is very hands on. Deb explains and demonstrates throughout the whole course from recipes for breakfast, lunch, supper and treats. By the end of the course you will have a great understanding about flavour combinations, presentation and of course, raw food. Thanks Deb you are the best!

Debbie Pryce, Shrewsbury, UK

Bonus One

FeastBinderYou’ll receive a complete recipe binder of the 45 plus recipes to take away and use in your own kitchen or classes after the training.

Bonus Two

towelA beautiful Deliciously Raw tea towel to take away and use after the training.

feastjuly2015-51I’ve attended a number of different raw food courses and workshops over the years but nothing quite like Feast. To be fully immersed in raw food for 5 days with a passionate and inspired chef like Deb is truly a life changing experience. For anyone who’s been thinking about doing something like this for a while, I would say just go for it! The course was so much more than I could ever have imagined and the knowledge gained absolutely invaluable. My Feast manual has become my raw food bible and constant companion in the kitchen. The best part is, not only did I learn so many new recipes and techniques, but more importantly I gained the confidence and knowledge to start creating my own raw food recipes. And all of this whilst having loads of fun and
spending time with a fantastic group of like minded people. I can’t wait to do it all again and will definitely be back for the Sweet and Pastries training

Cheryl Thomson | www.cherylskitchen.co.uk


caroleDeborah is not only teaching us to make DELICIOUS recipes, but we are learning to create our own “signature” recipes… Well she’s showing us how to be a Chef, not only a “cook”! I just LOVED both training DESSERTS & FEAST Count on me for level II!”
Carole Zuccatti Geneva, Switzerland www.cours-cuisine-geneve.ch


SaraI have to admit I felt slightly guilty investing in Deb Durrant’s Feast Course. As I was already a Certified Raw Food Chef could I justify it to myself and more importantly my partner? I really wasn’t sure what I’d get out of the course especially as Deb had already given me loads of free advice. Sod it. I loved Deb and her food and wanted to go. So I went anyway. What I got was an amazing 5 days in a really tranquil setting surrounded by like minded people. All I had to do was enjoy myself messing with food, playing with ideas with no pressure to create the perfect product. It was just indulgent playtime. It is so worthwhile investing, time, money and energy sharing with people who are on a similar path. An unfamiliar ingredient is mentioned and a whole knew train of thought is generated. A huge unexpected gain was learning about the fine dining aspect of raw food. I had sort of dismissed it as not really being for me and not something I could use in my own business. How wrong was I? I loved the plating and realised how incredibly useful it is. Anyone who is selling food needs to be able to make it look good. Have you seen some of Deb’s photos? She knows how to do it and although it might take a bit more practice before I can kneel at her photographic altar I now have some idea. Thanks Deb. Loved it.”

Rosie Tait www.livinghigh.co.uk


The training will be led by Deborah Durrant, a qualified chef in advanced raw and living cuisine. Deborah combined her interests as a lifelong passionate foodie with a keen interest in a raw plant-based diet to found Deliciously Raw. After working in the creative sector for 25 years she followed her dream to train as a chef at the Matthew Kenney Culinary School and wants to break the myth that raw food is about eating boring salad and show you can enjoy fabulously indulgent food with many nutritional benefits.

Deborah holds a Masters degree in Change Skills from the University of Surrey. This may seem surprising but this is at the heart of Deborah’s practice as a chef. With every healthy plantbased bite that we eat, we are committing to making a change to our health and wellbeing.


DebheadshotAll modesty aside, if you’ve tried any of my recipes already you’ll know that everything I make is delicious first and raw second. If you haven’t tried any of my recipes, you can try any of the free recipes on my website to get a flavour (sorry, no pun intended) of the kind of food I make. Since 2005, I tried to eat a high raw diet, but I kept returning to my most favourite cooked foods. What changed things for me was learning how to make the most amazing and delicious raw foods that taste so good that people don’t even think about the fact that they are raw.

I pride myself on making raw twists on cooked classics, and my family and friends prefer the raw foods I make, finding them much more satisfying and full of flavour. I have also developed 8 course raw tasting menus for pop ups and other events and had the pleasure of being a personal chef for private fine dining clients.

I trained as a Chef with Matthew Kenney Culinary in the US (previously named 105 degrees), and I am a Qualified Chef in Advanced Raw and Living Cuisine. I am one of very few people in the world to have completed Matthew’s Professional Applications programme. What that means for you is that I can teach you some pretty cool techniques. If you don’t know Matthew, he founded Pure Food and Wine in New York and MAKE in Santa Monica, and currently has Plant Food and Wine in Venice, CA, White Lotus Miami and The Gothic in Belfast Maine. I worked at the Gothic in Maine after my training and can also bring to our work the experience of a professional kitchen. Matthew also has a string of raw food books to his credit. I really am proud to say that I have trained with the best.

sara“By attending Feast, I now have all the knowledge of what equipment to use. I know how to adapt recipes to suit my own taste and I’ve learned the skills to present elegant plates of food. Deb is a relaxed trainer, clearly passionate about what she does and willing to share her secrets to make raw food delicious. This is the best start to raw food imaginable. I now have the confidence to invite friends round for raw dinner parties and can’t wait! I’ll certainly be attending more of Deb’s Deliciously Raw courses!”

Sara Sanderson, UK


Deliciously Raw Culinary Studio, Harts Barn Cookery School, Longhope, Gloucestershire, UK.

Set in the Gloucestershire/Herefordshire borders UK, with the ancient Forest of Dean on your doorstep and its is only a few miles from Wales and the breath-taking Wye Valley.

Due to the location of the studio, it is advisable for you to bring a car so you can get the most out of visiting this beautiful and rural location. However, participants without transport often bring or hire bicycles or team up with others who have brought cars for trips and travel to local accomodation. There is a local bus service and taxi firms to help you get around.

 Thursday 7th – Sunday 10th June 2018

(before you book, please note that the prerequiste for this is Feast One Level 1)





4 month plan*
£275/month for 4 months

*Your first payment will be processed right away. The remaining payments will be automatically debited 30 days apart.

Refund Policy: The first 20% of the course fee (s) is deemed as a non-refundable deposit and will be payable in the event of the participant cancelling their place on the programme. For an 80% refund, cancellation must be made at least twelve weeks prior to the start of the programme. For a 50% refund, cancellation must be made at least eight weeks prior to the start of the programme. For a 25% refund, cancellation must be made at least four weeks prior to the arrival date. If a participant cancels within four weeks of the start date of the programme, the total payment is non-refundable.

I look forward to seeing you.
Deliciously yours,