Program opens Saturday 15th December 2018.

Winter Gathering

An online programme for Deliciously Raw food for entertaining.

Programme is open for Spring 2019 now (the recipes are just as delicious as in Winter, and the techniques are year-round).



If you want to bring joy to the world this festive season and stand out from the party crowd in the healthiest and most delicious way imaginable, treat your family and friends to a festive celebration made with delicious raw plants.

Winter Gathering will support you to have deliciously decadent raw plant-based festive season – that will leave you and your guests feeling pleasantly indulged, healthily abundant and incredibly inspired.

This programme is suitable for anyone who LOVES eating raw plant based food, would like to learn new practical techniques and recipes and wants to WOW their friends and family with delicious REAL food for the season of indulgence.

Whether it’s pumpkin spiced latte, tiramisini or cranberry and almond fermented ‘goat cheese’ with black sesame crackers, these are indulgent raw recipes that you’ll want to make your firm party favourites year after year.

Winter Gathering comprises:


  • Clementine and Cinnamon Hot Chocolate & Pumpkin Spiced Latte

    Warming familiarity and tradition in healthy nourishing aromatic form.

  • Chocolate Fudge Cake Salted Caramel Bars

    Seasonally indulgent, these are a must-have for a morning gathering with a warming drink.


  • Pomegranate Kefir Sparkle, Root Kvass & Zaatar Super Seeds

    So full of Christmassiness, delicious drinks and nibbles for the cocktail hour.


  • Ginger Beer Ice-cream Floats

    For lovers of ginger beer, this is the perfect balance of earthy, sour and peppery combined with cool and creamy in a spoonable form.

  • Parsnip Crisps with Chilli Pineapple Salsa

    No-one will be able to resist this fruity sweet, sharp and luxurious salsa served with delicious parsnip crisps.


  • Cranberry and Almond Goats Cheese Log with Black Sesame Crackers

    A rolled fermented tree nut cheese, studded with cranberries and almonds is sharp and salty with a creamy texture and deep flavour. You can serve this with a warm sourdough or with raw black sesame crackers. Plus, you will learn some delicious winter salads including celeriac kvass matchstick salad, carpaccio of fennel and apple and creamed kale with hazelnuts.

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Module Five: AFTER 8.30

  • After Eight Thirty Ice-cream

    A festive celebration wouldn’t be the same without a decadent ice cream. Seasonally adjusted for winter freshness with the celestial lightness of peppermint ice cream to offset the decadently dark chocolate.


  • Tiramisu Pots with Fermented Fig Cream

    Delicious creamy rich and dairy-free, these tiramisu pots with fermented fig cream are perfect for a welcome table for a grown-up party.

Module Seven: GINGER SPICE

  • Dark Ginger Cake with Chai spiced Cream and Orange Marmalade

    You won’t want to miss it! Step away from the Christmas Cake, this is delicately spiced ginger ‘sponge’ cake sweetened with a chai cashew cream. Delicious served as a centre piece part of a festive buffet.


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All recipes are dairy free, gluten free and vegan friendly

This is for you if:

  • You would LOVE to stay on track and avoid the temptation of traditional cooked party foods over the festivities that will leave you feeling bloated and lethargic

  • You have friends and family coming over and you would like to WOW them with healthy raw foods that are far beyond the every-day

  • You can think of nothing better than enjoying the most indulgent yet guilt-free festive season EVER

Everyone remembers the food they eat during the holidays – let’s make it count.

Raw foods are becoming more and more popular. From the ‘must have’ spiralizer gadget to chia seeds for breakfast and coconut water, it seems that more and more people are becoming aware that a diet rich in plant based foods is a great idea to help us look and feel better. However, there is so much more you can do than spiralize a courgette. I am not suggesting that you use your spiraliser to make shoestring fries, however there comes a point where carrot sticks are best left out for Rudolph.

Is it really possible to eat all these raw and feel like you are not missing out at Christmas?

Yes it is. You will be amazed at what you can make with little more than a blender and food processor. Winter Gathering has lots of tips, techniques, recipes and guidance to show you how. There is also guidance on how you can vary the recipes to suit your own palate for different types of gatherings throughout the year.

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“Deborah Durrant’s patience and generosity of spirit shine through on all the courses she offers. She finds a way to share her immeasurable wealth of knowledge in a way that is easy to understand no matter what level you are at on your raw food journey – beginner or advanced. She thoroughly understands her subject and imparts it in a way that can be transferred and applied very practically in your own life. She doesn’t just teach ‘recipes’ she trains you to know what ingredients and components are needed to recreate your favourite cooked dishes – she instils you with the knowledge, knowhow and intelligence to go forth and start creating – rather than just copying. Her teaching style is light hearted and well thought out and she layers information to make sure it is easily retained. A true inspiration. I highly recommend her courses”

Jo Helesfay-Evans |

What’s included in the programme?


A downloadable printer-friendly black and white PDF booklet of the recipes. Save them to your computer, print them out, create your own special Raw Christmas recipe binder! You’ll want to refer to these throughout the entire festive period and beyond.


Join our raw healthy foodie community and have access to the WINTER GATHERING FACEBOOK FORUM where you can chat, swap ideas and ask questions of Chef Deborah and other participants.

The forum is great way to help you keep on track and swap tips and ideas throughout the festive season.

How do I know if Winter Gathering is right for me?

Winter Gathering is suitable for anyone who LOVES eating raw plant based food and wants to WOW their friends and family with delicious food for the season of indulgence…or if you are looking for some delicious inspiration and plant-based alternatives to support you and to help you stay on track.

If you are searching for absolutely winning healthy yet indulgent raw recipes that you can make firm family and party favourites year after year, this is for you.

The chances are that you have already invested in your health to a significant degree, whether it’s time and energy in learning how to eat healthily, money in experimenting with different raw foods and recipes that may or may not have worked out, or paying for weight loss programs or treatments for health issues that you’d really rather do without.

You may experience the festive season as a battle ground with your family as you try and move them away from refined sugars or encourage them to eat more fresh fruit and veg…or healthy alternatives to a box of festive favourites.

Experimentation can be costly in many ways, and the last thing you want is to spend hours making recipes that don’t taste good, or wasting a lot of money on ingredients that you just don’t use.

Without proper planning at Christmas, party food can become a very expensive affair!

With Winter Gathering, you can learn how to make delicious raw plant based food for the festive season in the comfort of your own kitchen.

Whether you’re new to raw foods, experienced and stuck in a raw food rut, or whether you need some new delicious raw inspiration, Winter Gathering will provide you with amazingly delicious recipes and useful technical know-how so you can introduce a whole new range of festive food to your life… that will give you a sense of eating something truly delicious – without the negative impact that cooked foods have on your body and with all of the nutritiousness and deliciousness left well-and-truly in!

Let your festive gathering be the one that everyone recalls and talks about for weeks to come.

“Sweet was the second online programme I have taken part in with Deborah Durrant and I wasn’t disappointed by the content. The course contained so many different techniques to make a huge host of delicious sweet things that rival their cooked counterparts.

Online support was always there, not only from Deborah herself but also from the other course participants. It was exciting to see photos of what the others were producing and wonderful to have such camaraderie within the group.

The main gain for me though was finding out that I really can make beautiful and delicious desserts and teatime treats – this course gave me the confidence that I had lacked previously.

If you’re looking for the ultimate pleasurable experience then look no further – this online programme is it. I can guarantee you will not find anything better and will learn so much. Deborah’s expertise and knowledge shines through and you will find that she really cares about making sure you achieve the best end result in your work. ”

Sue Halfyard, Spain

Programme is OPEN for 2019 now.

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How does the programme work?
Once the programme begins, you will be given access to the whole programme which you can download and keep. You can work through all the activities at your own pace. You can move backwards and forwards to complete the tasks and recipes in the order you wish. If, for example, you don’t have time to complete an activity you can go back to it and complete it later in the programme. You have until the 20th January to access and download the materials. All of the recipes are equally delicious and can be adapted if you decide to make them for parties at any time of year.

How much time will the programme take?
I have estimated that the contact time with the food will be up to around 7 hours. That doesn’t allow for setting time or freezing time – much of which allows you to get on with other things whilst the freezer is doing the work. It is so much easier than keeping an eye on the oven!

Can I download the materials and keep them?
Yes the recipes and guides are fully downloadable and you can refer to them after the course has finished.

What equipment will I need?
The majority of the recipes require a food processor or blender and an optional juicer. You will struggle without one. It’s how we achieve such creamy and delicious results.

What if I can’t get my hands on some ingredients such as Thai coconut meat?
Generally substitutions can be found. Just ask Deborah what you can use to substitute for any hard to find ingredients.

Do I have to take part in the programme discussions?
No, you can download the guidance and recipes and work through them at a pace to suit yourself. Many people find that the other participants on the programme are a source of inspiration and support.

I have a specialist diet. Is the programme suitable for me?
The programme is suitable for those who follow a gluten free, dairy free and vegan diet. Nuts are used on the programme but not peanuts. Also coconut is used.

Deliciously yours,

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